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AOC proudly ran a joint promotion with Twentieth Century Fox across Asia Pacific and South Africa, combining the release of the movie X-Men: First Class with the launch of AOC "X-Men Special Edition&


X-Men: First Class was the most anticipated sci-fi action movie of the year, released to cinemas on 2 June and quickly achieving box office success around the world. After just one month, the movie had already grossed almost $140 million in the USA and $200 million in the rest of the world, of which approx. $64 million was recorded in countries in AOC’s APMEA region. Clearly, although First Class is already the 5th X-Men movie, tens of millions of fans are still avidly keen to maintain an enthusiastic following.

As a golden partner of the film, AOC organized special events at screenings of the movie in many countries, recognising the widespread international audience attracted to the X-Men franchise and aligning the AOC brand with a winning high-tech entertainment formula.Invited journalists not only got to see the blockbuster movie, but AOC also launched two brand new ultra-slim LED monitor ranges in “X-Men Special Edition” versions to share the limelight. The 53-Series is the world's thinnest IPS-panel computer monitor, whilst the 51-Series can be quickly transformed from a conventional stand to a photo frame style.

In the next few pages, we present some photographs taken at these press conferences in various APMEA countries.

Hong Kong

Highlight: the famous HK singer Miss Renee Lee kicked off the ceremony, adding extra attraction to the launch of AOC’s latest computer monitors. Renee said she is a big fan of X-Men and hopes to keep her own AOC “X-Men Special Edition” monitor forever!

New Zealand

Highlight: at the world’s first official screening of X-Men: First Class in Auckland, the event featured an exciting “mutant catwalk” by body-painted models.


Highlight: The event was held in Bangkok’s largest cinema, with a special appearance by famous Thailand actor Pong and other celebrity guests. Before the movie premiere, a “mutant catwalk” added extra excitement for more than 200 media representatives.


Highlight: The event was held in a major department store, with a giant outdoor advertisement in TPE shopping centre generating awareness and interest from the general public. Famous actor Yo Shan and other celebrities added extra glamour. The combination of world-famous movie, famous actor and brand new AOC monitors got a big media response.

South Africa,Philippines and Vietnam